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About Sequince Group

Investing in extraordinary people and ideas

We curate and conceive innovative, extraordinary commercial opportunities that demonstrate the potential to make a significant positive impact on the world – while delivering exceptional returns to shareholders and investors.

Sequince Group is a diverse, highly capable and well-resourced organisation, with commercial interests in a broad range of verticals, ranging from Funds Management, Fintech, Biotech, Early Learning & Disability Support, to Lifestyle, Property, Construction, Franchising, Distribution and Primary Industries. 

Sequince Group is underpinned by a strong leadership team, extensive in-house capabilities and resources, giving it a unique ability to operate successfully across multiple industries while leveraging collective experience and capital. 

Sequince Group brings new ventures and projects to market rapidly and at the highest calibre

Your over-achieving business partner

Unparalleled Capability


Money doesn’t build companies, entrepreneurs do – but we can provide the right capital, resources and experience to enhance a founder’s impact and act as a catalyst for measured and profitable growth.

How we invest in our companies:

  • Venture capital & private equity (early-stage & opportunistic later stage)
  • World-class, technology-focused business incubation
  • Leverage collective experience and resources within the Group to support new ventures
  • Access to our vast network to connect with new business and growth opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach
  • Cross-pollination of marketing and revenue opportunities from within the Group
  • Corporate governance & overarching strategic stewardship
  • Build depth and experience into the Board
  • Operational scaling & resourcing
  • Leveraged personnel recruitment strategies
  • Leveraged accounting & finance functions
Helping ideas thrive

Spanning oceans & industries.

Discover how Sequince Group is helping to bring extraordinary companies and products to life, globally.

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Our Values

The path we tread every day


Exceed Expectations

We relentlessly pursue excellence through the determination, passion and ethics of our people.


Challenge Tradition

We design value and uncover rare commercial opportunities through continual scanning, contrarian thinking, and tenacious discourse.


Responsible Leadership

We set the highest standard for ourselves as financial and cultural leaders. Social and financial leadership are integrated and we strive for progress every day.


Foster Collaboration

We are one integrated organisation that shares and supports each other across all teams and business units. Using our integrated internal communication platforms, we promote collaboration and constant personal development.

This could be the start of something extraordinary.

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